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Holla Legend Backpack Brandy

Holla Legend Backpack Brandy

Leather backpack

Colour: Light brown

Material: Beef

Size: 27 x 38 x 10 cm

Method of processing: Manual production using machine sewing

The product is made to order and its production starts after confirmation of the order.

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Backpack with sizes of 27 x 38 x 10 cm and two storage spaces. It’s great for the things like a laptop or a tablet. The backpack is hand-made from genuine leather, which features an effect of distinctive aging. Our leather is characterized by a unique look and the quality of the material is known at first sight. In addition, the leather retains its characteristic aroma for a long time. You will immediately recognize that it is a solid material which, in addition, has a long life and will definitely not disappoint you.

The Holla Legend Backpack is the perfect helper for your travel, whether you’re going to work, travelling around the city, or just needing a good protector for your stuff. Its design is designed to show your style and guarantee that it will be a suitable addition to your wardrobe. The backpack looks luxurious and you will definitely want to wear it because everybody will turn around behind you.

The higher price of our product balances its reliability, durability and long service life. We can guarantee that this backpack will be for your next generation too.

Handmade production – quality, originality, style

Production of our leather fashion accessories has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage includes the possibility to partially modify and to maintain the quality of each product, because we have the production process fully under control. The disadvantage is the longer production time, because each product is made at customer’s request and we don’t hold any goods on stock. It’s necessary to expect a longer delivery time.


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